The Colour Harmony Class

Discover what colours suit you and only you.

Colour harmony is hard to master and it takes time. This class is an in-depth look at discovering your own colour type, what colours flatter you and which ones you should stay away from. This will help you re-discover new ways of matching clothes you already have or know exactly what you need to achieve perfect colour balance in your new wardrobe.


  • Apply the theory of colours to easily distinguish warm colours from cold.
  • Establish your colour type by applying the unique Wonder Wardrobe method.
  • Choose only colors that suit you and make you even more beautiful.
  • Create beautiful neutral, contrasting and muted colour combinations for your looks.
  • Use colour accent to emphasize the beauty of your silhouette.
  • Develop colour harmony in your wardrobe.
  • Assemble beautiful and cohesive colour palettes for your Wonder Wardrobe


New Wonder Wardrobe heroes said:

"Waouuuu I always thought of me as being a winter type but that is true that my remaining outfits were all autumn like. Thank you for this technique, it eases a lot the color palette choosing!"

- Julie - Class 2. Colour Harmony.

"The Wonder Wardrobe course was very helpful and interesting! It's a great way to take a look at your wardrobe from a different perspective. I discovered that I can do a lot more with colour and contrast to make my wardrobe more interesting."

- Thalia - Class 2. Colour Harmony.

"Your course is awesome! Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, I have had an amazing time watching your videos and using your templates. Everything is super clear and easy to apply so I do not have any excuses not to do it :-)"

- Patricia - Class 2. Colour Harmony.

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